An artist’s studio. A foodie’s dish. A bibliophile’s bookshelf. A scientist’s lab. A traveller’s route. This is Vinci.

Vinci is an online magazine inspired by Leonardo da Vinci, whose name most likely evokes The Mona Lisa or The Last Supper. Yet, he was a Renaissance man of the arts and sciences, with a seemingly endless range of interests.

At Vinci, we see art and science as overlapping rather than separate worlds. Food, for instance, is an art in aesthetic and sensory appeals, from its colours to its taste. Food is also a daily scientific pursuit, a complex chemistry transforming every kitchen into a laboratory.

Artists and scientists are creators, studying and analyzing the world from different sides of the same coin. A painting, an experiment, a book, or an invention are examples of methods for understanding reality. Seeing the world through art, science, or both, is Vinci’s ethos.

Welcome to our little space! We’re thrilled to share this adventure with you.